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Guide To Commissions

Size & Quantity
Sizes are indicated on the commission page. If you would like a size that's not mentioned in the drop down menu, please indicate it in the form. 

Large Productions
Depending on sizes, some of these collages will be printed on matte prints. You will be given the original hand-cut piece as well as the larger, printed version. We will discuss this process beforehand.

Typically people allow Mash to decide, although if you have a preference please let her know while you're filling out the form.

Ideas & Color
Examples of themes to consider can include love, relationships, money, space, body, feminine, animals, etc. If there is a former piece that you enjoy and want yours to be similar in style, please tell Mash the title.

Before starting, Mash will provide you with at least 2-6 base image options for you to select. You can also provide her with your own images if you have a general idea, or specific images you'd like to be used. Mash will let you know if she's able to work with and incorporate them into your piece

Time Frames

Below are time frames for your chosen collage size(s).

Two Weeks (small)

Four Weeks (medium)

6-12 Weeks (large)

5" x 7"

8" x 10"

9" x 12"

11" x 14"

16" x 20"

18" x 24"

24" x 30" and larger

Price and Down Payments

Ahead of starting your collage and after Mash and you select images and validate the direction for the piece, the cost will be finalized. Once the final price and direction are confirmed, Mash will begin to work on your collage and send you an invoice for a downpayment.

For any small or medium-sized collages, the downpayment will be $150.

For any large collages, the downpayment will be $500.


Thank you for your interest, and I'm thrilled to collaborate and create with you!


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