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All pieces are available for purchase. Please contact Mash Vass for pricing and sizes.

Roller Coaster of Emotion

Mash has transitioned her 2-dimensional pieces into the 3-dimensional world. Her Roller Coaster of Emotion collage, the first in an upcoming series, is converted into a lightbox with the use of arduino's, LED lights and coding. Made in collaboration with Dante Nocera.
contact Mash Vass for pricing.

SOLD – Post-Mortem

SOLD - Post-Mortem

Encased in a beautiful gold frame, Post-Mortem uses dried-out flowers to create this piece. This element adds a touch of vulnerability and fragility, along with the elegance it exudes. Viewers are invited to ponder the passage of time and the fleeting nature that is life. This adds an element of curiosity, somberness and clarity in any space.

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